Sartori Valpolicella DOC

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Region Veneto
ABV 12%
Volume 0.75 liter
Grape variety Corvina Veronese (50%), Rondinella (40%), Molinara (10%)
Serving temperature 16-18° C


The Sartori Valpolicella Classico comes from the hills South-East of lake Garda, around the Valpolicella Classico region. This region is known for it's sheltered environment with a long and stable autumn due to the presence of the lake. At the same time mount Monte Lessini shelters against cold winds from the North.

This wine is a blend from the Corvina Veronese (50%), Rondinella (40%) and Molinara (10%). The vineyards for both grapes are located on marl and clay sols. After a soft contusion the yeasting most stays in contact with  the peels for a period of 6 days. After that the young wine is filterd and yeasted followed by a short maturation in stainless steel tanks. After bottling it matures shortly in the bottle before being distributed.

It has a birght red colour with a subtle perfume aroma with fruity notes. The palate is dry and gentle with soft notes of red fruit. This wine is best served with pasta dishes, white and grilled meat, red meat and fish. It has an aging potential of about 8 years.

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