Passito di Pantelleria

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Brand: Carlo Pellegrino
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Region Sicily
ABV 15%
Volume 0.50 liter
Grape variety Moscato d´Alessandria (Zibibbo)
Serving temperature 12 - 15°c


Passito di Pantelleria is a real nectar of the gods. According to the legend, the goddess Tanit disguised herself as the gods' waitress and exchanged ambrosia with the wine made on the turtle shaped island, and, in doing so, she won the heart of her beloved Apollo. Since the ties of legend and up until the 1800s, this fantastic sweet wine has remained hidden and known only on the island of Pantelleria in the province of Trapani, where it is produced. Eventually, a Sicilian wine producer managed to take it out of its boundaries to receive a prize in Paris in 1900. Today, it is one of Italy's most typical and famous wines.

The vine it comes from is the Moscato d'Alessandria, better known as Zibibbo. It is grown in deep holes in the volcanic ground of the island, to absorb the water coming from the rare rains and have protection from the hot African winds. Thanks to the burning sun, grapes ripen in August, but it is left on the branch until September to boost its sugar concentration and aromas. After the harvest grapes are left to wither on a mat to create an even more precious sweet taste. The derived wine is thick, which seems to glow of a golden light with amber reflexes. Scent is very intense and ample, and it encompasses sweet notes of figs and dried dates, honey, candied orange, apricot jam. Its taste is incredibly sweet, warm and soft, supported by freshness and flavour with an extremely long aromatic persistence.

A pleasing meditation wine, Passito di Pantelleria it the perfect match for both blue and piquant cheese, and every kind of pastry, particularly the Sicilian ones. It is good for chocolate pies and spicy desserts.

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