Elysium Black Muscat (0,75 liter)

Elysium Black Muscat (0,75 liter) € 23.95
Brand: Quady Winery
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Region California
ABV 15,5%
Volume 0.75 liter
Grape variety Muscat de Hamburg
Serving temperature 12 - 15°c


Black Muscat, another under appreciated muscat variety, is known in Europe as a table grape variety, Muscat Hamburg, one of the very few black skinned muscats. If ripened to about 25 brix, it attains a rose-like aroma and litchi like flavor. This rose-like aroma led us to name the wine Elysium, Greek for heaven. Drinking this, you can almost feel you have fallen into a rose garden and been transported to heaven.

Elysium is used to either accompany or replace desserts. It is wonderful with blue cheeses, with desserts containing red fruits (such as Summer Pudding, an English favorite), with vanilla, with dark chocolate, with ice cream desserts, and candlelight. One favorite is to pour the wine onto vanilla ice cream. Serve Elysium Sundae with a glass of Elysium.

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