Terms and conditions


Terms and conditions DramTime.nl

  1. These terms and conditions apply to all offers and shipments by DramTime.nl, to be called the liquor store.
  2. Offers can be subject to interim price increases. The agreement is on the side of the liquor store only binding in that it is confirmed in writing by him or by the liquor store is actually to commence the execution of the contract.
  3. Shipment of the order will, if available, be within 48 hours after receiving the payment.
  4. The liquor store does not guarantee delivery time. With late delivery, the client will not be entitled to compensation or dissolution of the agreement. In case of force majeure, the liquor store is entitled at his option, either to extend the delivery period by the duration of the obstruction, or terminate the agreement since it has not yet been carried out and without the liquor store being held liable to pay damages. Agreement Force majeure is considered to include war and threat of war, total or partial mobilization, ban on import and export, the actions of the Dutch and / or foreign government agencies that make supply significantly more difficult or make it more costly than it was during the conclusion of the agreement, lack of transportation facilities, strikes, lockouts, riots, fire, and in general any circumstance for which the off-license cannot be granted.
  5. The liquor store is not liable for acts or omissions of its employees or third parties engaged by him or for damage to property of the client and / or third parties, or damage to the client due to late delivery.
  6. If the client is not satisfied with a product, he / she can return the dawning boxes or bottles to Dramtime.nl and he / she only receives the value of the not used and returned items back. The customer must arrange for the return of the items to Dramtime.nl in good condition and the costs will be borne by the customer itself. Goods can only be returned within 10 days after receiving them and by notifying Dramtime.nl
  7. If after the conclusion of the purchase agreement, the currency in which sold more depreciates by more than 10%, the liquor store is authorized to revise the purchase price. If this results in a price increase within 3 months after the conclusion of the contract, the customer is entitled to rescind the sale with immediate effect, in which case the liquor store is not liable for any compensation.
  8. The shipping costs within the Netherlands, for goods up to 20kg, are € 6.96 and 20 to 30kg: € 12.40. For other rates, see Terms of Delivery.
  9. On all agreements concluded under these conditions, the Dutch law applies.


International customs & damage cover: 

1. All our products are subject to VAT (Value Added Tax) within the EU. From outside the EU you can order tax free
2. Charges for customs clearance are for the customer. We do not have control over such charges. Parcels may also be opened for inspection and may cause a delay in delivery
3. Please note that the customs of your country may damage or destroy the parcel. This is not our repsonsibility and no refund will be given
4. Parcels returned by customs or any authorities will be refunded with the exception of shipping fees
5. For further information we recommend contacting your local government/customs
6. We will ship to your country at the customer's risk and we cannot guarantee delivery