Tastings & Events

On a regular basis we host and organise whisky tastings. Both in our shop in Musselkanaal but also around the country and even abroad. Below the up to date calendar for coming autumn and winter. 


Calender 2021:

29 januari - Online Penderyn Proeverij Live vanuit Wales met David Cover & Jock Shaw (uitnodiging)

12 & 13 februari - Bier & Whisky Festival Assen GECANCELD

26 februari - Online Starward Australian Whisky Tasting  - Live vanuit Melbourne (uitnodiging)

5 maart - Online Adelphi Tasting met Graeme Mackay & Connal Mackenzie - Live vanuit Schotland (uitnodiging)

19 maart - Online Plantation Rum Tasting met Aurelie Maumus (uitnodiging)

9 april - Online Paul John Tasting met Shilton Almeida & Jock Shaw (uitnodiging)

23 april - Online Stauning Danish Whisky Tasting & Live Distillery Tour (uitnodiging)

16 mei - Online Mars proeverij met Momoko Kato (uitnodiging)

5 juni - Ardbeg Day 2021

25 juni - Elixir Distillers Tasting (Single Malts of Scotland, Elements of Islay & Port Askaig) met Celine Tetu & Jock Shaw (uitnodiging volgt zsm)

29 - 31 oktober - Whisky Festival Noord Nederland


Are you intested in a tasting hosted by us or do you want to hire us? Drop us an email at info@dramtime.nl and we'll get back to you asap.

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