Buffalo Trace Straight Kentucky Bourbon

Buffalo Trace Straight Kentucky Bourbon € 28.50
Brand: Buffalo Trace
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Age -
Region Kentucky
ABV 40%
Volume 0.70 liter


Buffalo Trace Straigth Kentucky Bourbon is made according to the traditional 'rye recipe' for bourbon and has matured at least 8 years after distillation. All bourbons for this blend are between 8 and 12 years old. They have matured in charred American oak casks resulting in a gentle, sweet, spicy and slightly smoky blend whiskey.

Colour: dark gold

Nose: sweet corn and rye notes followed by a light oilyness with drying oak aromas but also leather, some spicyness and unexpected smoke flavours

Palate: sweet corn with rye followed by unexpected smoky aromas, not often found in bourbon. Some spiciness with leather, drying oak and slightly buttery

Finish: long, sweet and powerful

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