Togouchi Kiwami

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Brand: Togouchi
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Age -
Region Japan
ABV 40%
Volume 0.70 liter


The Togouchi Kiwami is a premium blend whisky from Japan. Since 1918 Chugoku Jozo makes sake, shochu and whisky in Japan. Though making whisky .... ?! Chugoku Jozo buys Scotch and Canadian whisky's and blends these in Japan. Therefore it can be named Japanese whisky but not Scotch. This Kiwami is a clean and slightly pungent blend of which the name means so much as ‘supreme’.

Nose: mild with aromas of Camilla tea, nuts, grass and some floral aromas

Palate: a lot spicier with hazelnuts, chestnuts, honey, chocolate, more grass and black pepper

Finish: spicy pepper and nutmeg


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