Dutch Genquila

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Brand: Dutch Genquila
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Region The Netherlands
ABV 38%
Volume 0.70 liter


Dutch Genquila is an authentic Dutch drink with a base of high-quality Dutch genever*, rather than just pure grain alcohol. After many rounds of mixing with natural agave extract, sugars, herbs, etc., we created an entirely new drink. It’s not genever or tequila, but a one-of-a-kind Genquila! A purely natural Dutch product which is the opposite of Mexican Tequila.

Dutch Genquila can be mixed with cola to form a quite lovely drink named Duco, but it’s also great with sparkling water, Fanta or whatever is up to your liking. Even a pure shot of this lovely Genquila is easy to drink without salt and lemon. Unlike traditional tequila, this Genquila has a smooth aftertaste.


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