Cent'Are Inzolia Chardonnay

Cent'Are Inzolia Chardonnay € 6.99
Brand: Carlo Pellegrino
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Region Sicilië
ABV 13%
Volume 0.75 liter
Grape variety Inzolia (80%), Chardonnay (20%)
Serving temperature 8-10°C


Cent'Are Inzolia Chardonnay is a Sicilian white win from the famous Carlo Pellegrino winery. This wine, also known als Cent'Are Bianco, is a blend of Inzolia (80%) and Chardonnay (20%) grapes both from vineyards with a Mediterranean climate with sea influences. It has a light yellow colour with a fresh and clean aroma with notes of flowers, fruit and hints of peach. The palate is pleasantly dry and soft with a pleasant acidity and fruitiness. Best served with fish, antipasti, Mediterranean fish soup, grilled scampi's, pasta (salads), sword fish in wine sauce and poultry.

This wine has an aging potential of 1 to 3 years.

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