Brora 35yo Special Release 1978 - 2014 (48,6%)

Brora 35yo Special Release 1978 - 2014 (48,6%) € 1,686.50
Brand: Brora
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Age 35 years old
Region Highlands
ABV 48,6%
Volume 0.70 liter


This Brora 35 years old was bottled in the 2014 Special Release series by Diageo. It was distilled in 1978 and has matured in refill American oak and European oak casks over 35 years. It was bottled in 2014 at natural cask strength of 48,6% ABV. This Brora is the thirteenth Special Release from this closed Highlands distillery and the second that ages 35 years old, and with that is the oldest Brora ever. A limited release of 2964 bottles.

A deep, unhurried old Brora fully deserving of an evening’s contemplation as it takes its time to develop fully; the smoke and coastal notes take a while to arrive but it’s a classic Brora once they do, especially once a drop of water is added. Magnificent!

Colour: pale yellow gold

Nose: cautious and subtle, briefly savoury with notes of dry salt in an aroma which somehow combines old-fashioned canvas tents with juicy fruit compote! Melted candlewax becomes the key scent, with a whiff of fragrant smoke. Then, quickly, sharp, sweet high notes of ripe red apples, pears and pear drops, broadening to glazed red berries in patisserie. Grainy, clean, fresh and focused. Eventually subtle, with sweet smoke, honey, lemon zest and barley sugar. Classic at reduced strength, with scents of apricot or moorland floating above a slightly waxy base

Palate: cooling, then surprisingly vibrant and hot; lightly oily, but not as waxy as some expressions. Light sweetness, with ripe autumn fruits, then distinctly salty, with some smoke behind. Things grow pleasingly coating, with more smoky notes and a little chocolate cake. Water brings out the classic Brora virtues; now it’s lightly waxy, chewy, sweet and tangy, still with some salt, and more rounded overall

Finish: peppery-hot, tongue-tingling and sharply warming. Drying, supple oak with cinnamon, mint and pine resin. A memory of the coast: distant sand, fresh ozone and smoke

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