The Lost Distillery Company - Auchnagie (Series 1)

The Lost Distillery Company - Auchnagie (Series 1) € 59.95
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ABV 46%
Volume 0.70 liter


This Auchnagie from The Lost Distillery Company is a blend whisky and a replica of the Auchnagie single malt that was distilled 100 years ago. In 2013 The Lost Distillery Company started reproducing whisky's of long lost distilleries and this Auchnagie is the first release (Series 1).

Auchnagie Distillery existed for almost 100 years, starting work as a remote farmhouse distillery and ending its days as, arguably, the jewel in the crown of a global whisky empire. It had at least seven different owners and was silent for large parts of its life. This was not unusual for small-scale 19th century distilleries, as their precarious existence was often at the mercy of lack of water, lack of money, changes to duty laws and local demand for the product.

Auchnagie Distillery (or Tullymet as it was later known) was located near the hamlet of Tulliemet, approximately 6 miles South East of Pitlochry in Perthshire. The land in this area is rural, a mixture of pasture and rolling hills, with ample supply of water flowing off of the high ground. Local farms in the area (from the 17th century) were built next to the streams, and many generated power by water wheel. Auchnagie Distillery augmented its water supply by constructing a water pool just above the distillery site – the remains of this can be seen to this day.

Colour: hay yellow

Nose: sweet and floral aromas with a delicate and perfumed accent

Palate: honey, soft citrus, apple and sweet spices

Finish: gentle and rounded with a subtle mineral accent of mild peat

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