Akveld's Artisanale Absinthe Verte

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ABV 68%
Volume 0.50 liter


Traditionally distilled, hand-crafted absinthe from The Netherlands. Akveld's artisanale absinthe is distilled in time-honoured fashion, using only natural ingredients. The small-scale distillery is situated in the lush valley region in the south east of The Netherlands known as Betuwe, bordering a water-collection area.
Both versions of akveld's artisanale absinthe, i.e. blanche (clear white) and verte (green) are based on classic French and Swiss recipes. In addition to the 'holy trinity' of wormwood, fennel and aniseed, they contain numerous herbs, seeds and roots which create their unique character. Some of these plants are grown by the distiller himself. All ingredients are mixed into a so-called maceration, which is steeped in 96% pure alcohol. Once they have released their flavours, the potion is distilled in a gas-fired copper kettle, the alembic. The blanche then only needs to rest for a period of time before it is diluted to the right percentage alcohol and bottled. The verte still needs to be coloured, for which Akveld, unlike most other producers, uses purely vegetable substances, including chlorophyll from Roman wormwood. Since leaf green is sensitive to light, the verte is offered in a dark bottle.
To ensure full enjoyment of the extracted flavours, akveld's artisinale absinthe is not filtrated. As a consequence, some sediment may form at the bottom. 

This Verte is known for his fresh and herbal taste with some floral notes and a hint of mint. This absinthe contains 8,1mg/l thujone.

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