Amrut Greedy Angel’s 8yo Chairman’s Reserve (50%)

Amrut Greedy Angel’s 8yo Chairman’s Reserve (50%) € 349.95
Brand: Amrut
Ex Tax: € 289.21


Age 8 years old
Region India
ABV 50%
Volume 0.70 liter


The Amrut Greedy Angel’s 8 years old Chairmen’s Reserve is in an Indian single malt. Amrut has an Angel’s Share percentage of 10 to 16 per year so it is almost impossible to bottle ‘older’ releases. Therefore an 8 years old is pretyy mature. This Barch 2 release was made from unpeated Indian barley and peated Scottish barley and was bottled in 2017 at 50% ABV. A limited release of 1350 bottles.

No tasting notes available.

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